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Dear Friends:

Traffic congestion is jeopardizing Texas’ quality of life, public safety, air quality and economic potential.

Texas’ population is growing fast. Lives and jobs depend on safe, reliable transportation. Over the next 25 years, Texas road use is expected to grow 214% and road capacity only 6%.

And the time we spend stuck in traffic is precious time we spend away from our businesses and our families.

The vision of Texas leaders and legislators has given the State of Texas innovative tools needed to build infrastructure more quickly and help our communities keep up with population growth.

That is why state and local officials – and many employers and community leaders - are supporting those innovative transportation measures to get needed roads and infrastructure completed more quickly.

By harnessing private investment, tolling, Regional Mobility Authorities (RMAs) and other new measures, Texas can get needed roads built years sooner, with less state spending and without raising consumer or business taxes.

Our state and local leaders need your help to succeed!

Unfortunately, a small but vocal group is misinforming and misleading Texans about state and local transportation policies. They are working to stop needed road projects and derail ongoing transportation policy reforms – delaying solutions and increasing traffic congestion in the process.

Anti-transportation groups use shrill attacks and wild, politically-charged claims in an effort to garner news headlines and confuse the public.

Common-sense, pro-transportation voices are too often lost in the crossfire.

That’s why we’ve created Texans for Safe Reliable Transportation.

Texans for Safe Reliable Transportation (TSRT) is helping to better educate and inform the public and the press about Texas transportation challenges, solutions and accomplishments. Our goal is to be the leading statewide private sector voice in support of sound state and local transportation policies -- policies aimed at improving public safety, easing traffic congestion and protecting our economy and quality of life.

But we need your help to successfully support Texas transportation.

Texans for Safe Reliable Transportation will organize civic-minded Texans to better communicate with the public and the news media using rational pro-transportation fact.

We will help taxpayers, commuters, employers and elected officials better understand what transportation reform entails and the high-stakes of public safety, life quality and economic development issues currently at stake.

Please consider joining our efforts with a donation and demonstrate your strong support as a member of the Texans for Safe Reliable Transportation (TSRT) Coalition. We need business and citizen leaders like you to help us take our pro-transportation message to the people of Texas.

To be effective… to organize coalitions… inform reporters and editorial writers… and embark on major public education efforts, we need your strong support.

Please contribute your name and funds today. Check payable to Texans for Safe Reliable Transportation. Membership approval and acceptance of funds based on Board review.

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